Planting in 2016 

This autumn we have added a further 78 trees to those already planted out in Cambridge as part of the Cambridge Community Collection. As well as continuing our planting on the Busway, at Byron’s Pools and at Empty Common, we started planting at Nightigale

Kilkenny Pearmain - Nightingale Park
Kilkenny Pearmain – Nightingale Park
Planting Joybells at Byrons Pools
Planting Joybells at Byrons Pools














The first project plantings Autumn 2014, spring 2015 and Autumn 2015

The first tree planting took place in the autumn of 2014 with the City mayor planting the first one at Byron’s Pools. Since then trees have been planted at Empty Common Allotments, Fosters Road Estate, Paget Road, at both Primary schools in Trumpington and along the Busway. A process of planting that began gradually will be increasing over the next few years as the grafted trees mature. Anyone, regardless of age or experience, is very welcome to volunteer in planting, nurturing and maintaining the trees. Please simply register your interest.